our office

rome london new york

A network of very selected talents, coordinated by the central creative direction,
to build local operating cells made of the best professionals available in
the market, specifically chosen for the unique needs of every brand.
Operational cells that can be activated at any time for each client, with a solid,
strong and settled base.

The best talents in our database, made of more than 700 professionals; from 21 different Countries;
who speak 12 languages; a continuous process of research and selection from London, New York and Rome.

core creatives & strategists

We select only the best talents. The Core Team that controls the local pop-up agency is made up of people with proven experience, reliability and capacity, with which the client will relate on a daily basis.

add-on team

Besides providing the necessary flexibility and enabling overhead costs minimization, the add-on team contributes its creativity in early and other critical stages of projects’ work.

Story Tellers

Our goal is to create brand stories able to generate in people new points of view about the brands: we want to make people participating and being protagonist of these stories to develop and enhance the perception of each brand story.

K+C spreads the essence of these stories to create a strategy that tells them in a unique and immediate way. Across all media.

Where’s the ad? the ad is your story. The story we make together.

When all styles of advertising agency stop to work properly, a non-standard approach,
able to adapt to the today non-communication rules, is needed:

  • You do not need anymore million dollars campaigns with a beginning and an end,
    but a constant conversation/contact;
  • Large budget no longer guarantees to really contact the target: only a strategic thinking,
    as fluid as media are today, can do it;
  • The brands don’t talk to the target anymore, it is the target which choose when and how talk with brands;
  • Who builds the brand are not only professionals, but everyday people’s conversation.
The post-digital Agency

For K+C “Digital” is not a world apart, or a separate channel. In K+C we mean digital as a
medium and not as a purpose, and we always keep in mind that behind every app, social network
or website, there are people: that’s why each project is designed to be relevant to them,
allowing the use of all media as a unique platform.

Past and Future
  • the "right" number of human resources for each project;
  • pop-up structure;
  • low fixed costs;
  • the certainty to work with the best accounts, strategists and creatives, the most suitable to the client/project.
  • high number of resources/people;
  • oversized branches;
  • high fixed costs;
  • the client cannot be certain of the experience of those who work on his project.